Why fragrances with short longevity have a place in our collections

A lot of people want their fragrances to last all day, but fragrances that have shorter longevity have a place in our collections too.

I had a regular customer say to me today that he can still smell Oud Qamar on his polo shirts even after they’ve been washed a number of times. Although Oud Qamar has become his signature scent, this prevents him from sometimes wanting to wear a different fragrance, depending on his mood or the occasion.

Fragrances that have shorter longevity are often seen as inferior or a waste of money, but that is not the case at all. If a scent doesn’t last particularly long but it nonetheless makes you feel good or creates a unique memory, therein lies its value. The enjoyment you get from a fragrance matters too.

In warmer weather, fragrances with shorter longevity can be more refreshing and less cloying than heavier scents, which might become too intense in the heat.

Lighter fragrances are also versatile, which allows one to mix things up and wear different fragrances throughout the day.

Ultimately, the perceived value of a fragrance is subjective and varies from person to person. If you enjoy the scent and it serves your purpose well, even a short-lasting fragrance can be a good purchase.