Azizun Oud for Men

The story behind Azizun


Azizun is dedicated to providing only the best and finest oud fragrances for men. Each and every one of our men's oud fragrances has been meticulously chosen for its masculine theme and appeal.

A fragrance is more than just an aroma. It evokes emotions and contributes to your overall well-being. It tells people who you are and how you feel. It's your identity.

With the above in mind, each and every one of our oud fragrances has been carefully selected to uplift your mood, improve confidence, establish your presence and leave a lasting impression.


The word Azizun (or Aziz) in Arabic has many meanings. It can mean mighty, powerful, strong, noble, honourable, revered, valuable, rare, and precious. It can also be used as a title for a ruler or king.

Another meaning it carries is beloved, sweetheart or darling. A woman can call her husband “Azizi,” which means my darling or sweetheart.

But the real inspiration behind the name is my mother, whose maiden name is Azizun. 


I wish to give special thanks first and foremost to God Almighty, for allowing me to overcome each and every obstacle and make everything fall into place with ease; to my wonderful wife, children, friends, family and colleagues for their immense support; and to Zach Abraham for our branding.

S. Hussain