What is fragrance longevity and projection?

Fragrance longevity

Longevity refers to how long a fragrance lasts on your skin.

The longevity of a scent can be relative to the type of fragrance it is. If you find that your favourite scents don't usually last very long, this could be due to the type of fragrances you like.

For example, citruses, light florals and aquatic (fresh) notes often lack longevity. This is because these notes are quite volatile in the air and, by nature, don't stay around for long.

The advantage of wearing a fragrance with light to moderate longevity is that it gives you a chance to wear something different later on, as it wears out. It can also be layered with another, longer-lasting fragrance to create a sophisticated scent that is unique to you.

Other factors that affect longevity are fragrance quality or concentration, skin type, gender, and where on the body the scent is applied.

At Azizun, we categorise the longevity of scents into four categories:

Light (1–2 hours)
Moderate (3–5 hours)
Long lasting (5–8 hours)
All day (over 8–10 hours)

Fragrance projection

Projection refers to how far and strongly a fragrance radiates or extends from the wearer's body.

At Azizun, our categories of projection are intimate, moderate and strong. A fragrance that has:
  • Intimate projection can be sensed by another person in very close proximity.
  • Good projection can be sensed by others at a relatively close distance.
  • Strong projection has the ability to be sensed by others in the room, even at a distance.