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Our roll-on perfume oil comes in a high-quality, dark glass bottle, with a polished glass roll-on applicator and scratch-proof coating. The dark glass bottle is designed to keep out harmful rays and preserve the life of the perfume oil. The glass roller ball is designed to disperse a consistent amount of perfume oil when you roll the ball across your skin. There is a black cap that fits over the roller ball to keep it clean, sealed and protected.

Oud Qamar is my favourite. I put this perfume above many in my own personal collection.

A. Iqbal

Very good service. The ouds are top quality. I would highly recommend.



How to make your oud perfume oils last longer

You can maximise the longevity of your oud perfume oils by firstly making sure that your skin is moisturised. This will help lock in the fragrance molecules. Avoid applying perfume to dry or wet skin. Secondly, apply the perfume to your pulse points – wrists, neck and behind the ears. These parts of the body emit heat, which enhances the scent's diffusion throughout the day. Thirdly, apply a small amount of perfume to your clothes. To avoid staining your clothes, apply a small amount of oud perfume oil to your hands, gently pat or rub your hands together, then lightly dab or wipe them over your clothes.

Advice for blind buying oud perfume oils online

Do research

Read customer reviews and watch videos to understand the scent profile and longevity of the oud perfume oil.

Know what you like

Consider the type of oud perfume oils you typically enjoy (e.g., fresh, citrus, aromatic, spicy, floral, woody).

Sample before you buy

If possible, purchase oud samples or discovery sets before committing to a full bottle. Or take advantage of sales.